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The car

We operate a 2018 Hyundai i10 with adaptations Fitted

Our Cars are designed to give the best and safest possible experience to our customers and have special modifications so that we are able to cater for people who are disabled or have disabilities  

Dual Control Adaptions

This car is fitted with dual control adaptions this allows the instructor to brake from the passenger seat.  

car 4

Left Foot Accelerator

This picture shows the left foot accelerator pedal to the left side of the brake. Whichever pedal is not in use swings up out of the way.  

Single Handed Steering Adaptions

A Ball and Lollipop grip can be attached to allow for single handed steering of the car with infrared controls so that

indicating, lights

and wipers can also

be operated with

the steering hand  

Hand Accelerator And Brake

The hand operated accelerator is a handgrip to the right of the steering wheel and is fitted

with and indicator

switch on top allowing

the car to be accelerated

and braked with the

right hand

Hand Brake Adaptions

we have a right angled hand attachment to assist in releasing the handbrake


Seat Pads For Increased Hight and Mirror Accessories

Additional door mirrors that allow the driver to see into blind spots

Seat pads can be provided to aid a comfortable and safe driving position.

accselerator wheel adaption 2 msh1050x014-600 pedals